Are the robots coming? This was not only the title of the recent inaugural lecture by Cock Heemskerk, Robotics professor at Inholland, it’s also a highly topical question. And for audience members who on entering the hall in the AFAS Stadium in Alkmaar on Thursday were greeted by robots, the answer was clear: Yes, they are already among us! The afternoon provided a taster of Heemkerk’s aim to have the Robotics research group demonstrate the benefits of robots in the healthcare and agriculture sectors.

Since May 2016 Cock Heemskerk has been working in the Robotics research group at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, part of the Research and Innovation Centre in Technology, Design and Informatics (RIC-TOI). On Thursday he used the home base of the AZ Alkmaar football club to present the future plans of the research group and wa...

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