IBMS presents: Circular Economy, from dream to reality

What is a circular economy exactly and what does it involve? When setting up a sustainable business, what are some of the problems that can arise? Is there enough focus on sustainability within my programme? These questions, and others, will be raised during the event entitled ‘Circular Economy, from dream to reality’ to be held at Inholland Diemen on 1 June.

Wendy van Vliet, of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, will be leading and moderating a dialogue between international companies and students on the role the circular economy can play in the realisation of a sustainable future for our planet. The event, which is free, is an initiative of the International Business & Management Studies programme.

Edwin ter Velde of the Zero Waste Centre has a particularly inspiring story, entitled ‘Van Afvalbak tot Antarctica’ (or ‘From the garbage bin to Antarctica’). Ter Velde has been encouraging young people in the Netherlands to comb the city and find him useful garbage in support of his mission, i.e. the ‘cleanest expedition ever’. ‘It’s a shame to throw stuff away!’ The materials he collects he uses to build a solar car, which he will subsequently take on an expedition to the South Pole. In this way, Ter Velde aims to raise global awareness for the necessity of sustainability, the circular economy, and importance of Antarctica to the climate. At the event, he will be setting students a challenge, with whoever comes up with the best solution winning a trip to Argentina on a clipper. If you’re an adventurous spirit, then you can’t miss this presentation.

Other speakers include Marie-José Baartmans of the transport company Breytner in Rotterdam, Mark Kauw of the ‘fair trade coffee chain’ Moyee Coffee, Rudy van der Aar of GRO (Green Recycled Organics) Holland, and Maarten Klimmen of the ‘wood pulp packaging’ firm, Bio Packaging. Han van Kleef, a researcher at the Inholland Business Research Center, will be asking how the education of Inholland students is able to prepare them for a future in which sustainability is an increasingly critical factor to future generations.

If you’re intrigued by this unique and sustainable gathering, then don’t hesitate to attend and come to Inholland Diemen on June 1. The event will run from 2.30 to 6.30 pm and will be concluded with a networking reception. Go to the website to sign up free of charge. Reservations are recommended due to the limited number of seats. The event will be held in English.



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